Pereira & O’Dell recruits dance superstars for Timberland

Timberland “Made To Flex” Killington Collection
Communication Arts - September 2017 

Pereira & O’Dell New York
 recruits dance superstars to demonstrate the flexibility and style of Timberland’s new shoe.

With fluid arms and twisting legs, the dancers in this two-minute film shot by director Andy Margetson make it nearly impossible to look away. Glance down for reams of sure-footed melody—the aerobatic feet of dance superstars like Keone & Mari, Dassy Lee, Loic Mabanza, Storyboard P and Jacob Pinto, for sure, and also what’s on them: Timberland’s Killington collection. 

Dubbed the “sneakerboot,” the Killington crosses a traditional rugged Timberland boot with the easy-to-wear properties of a sneaker. For added oomph, it boasts SensorFlex™, Timberland’s comfort system that delivers underfoot support, independent suspension and greater flexibility. What better way to showcase such lightness—both in step and in modern looks—than through dance and movement?

Continuing its promotion for the SensorFlex™ system, ad agency Pereira & O’Dell New York introduced the new shoe in Margetson’s film, the centerpiece of the Made to Flex campaign. As the original composition by Brooklyn-based music studio Alphabet Tree plays, the feet beat on. 

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