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Memorial Sloan Kettering Shares Patient Stories with “Science Saves”

Pereira & O’Dell NY and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center reunite with renowned documentarian David Gelb to share patient stories of Carl and Sue in its continuation of the “Science Saves” campaign -  

MSK are world leaders in treating many of the most complex, challenging types of the disease, ‘Science Saves’ is able to not only tell the patients’ stories but also the stories of the doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals who work together to care for them. 
The work demonstrates how the institution’s singular focus on cancer research, treatment, and care impacts and guides patients at each point in their journey.

Carl and Sue

Carl Verdi devoted his life to education, first as a high school science teacher, and then as a principal. As he was settling into his well-deserved retirement and looking forward to his 70th birthday, he received a diagnosis that changed everything: a complex pancreatic cancer and bile duct cancer. With Carl’s life on the line, his local doctor knew he needed the best possible care and advised him to go to Memorial Sloan Kettering.  At MSK, Carl first met with surgeon William Jarnagin.

When Dr. Jarnagin saw Carl’s tumor was in a location too complex to be safely treated with surgery, he consulted with medical oncologist Ghassan Abou-Alfa. At the time, there was no standard procedure for treating a cancer like Carl’s, so Dr. Abou-Alfa had to think innovatively. He opted to put Carl on an intensive round of chemotherapy to shrink the tumor enough to make it operable.

Learn more about Carl’s story - link

Born and raised in New Jersey, Sue Bruno never met a challenge she couldn’t overcome. As a wife, mother of adult twin daughters, and the managing director of a large local business, Sue was the glue that held her family and workplace together.   Then doctors discovered a large tumor in her kidney. Since Sue was born with only one functional kidney, kidney cancer was an extremely dire diagnosis. She was told by several area hospitals that having the organ removed — and spending the rest of her life on dialysis — offered her the best chance of survival. But for a woman as active as Sue, dialysis was unthinkable. So she went to Memorial Sloan Kettering for a second opinion.  

Learn about Sue’s story – link

The campaign seeks to reinforce MSK as a preeminent leader in cancer care, treatment, by way of unique patient stories as a vehicle for changing the way people see, talk about, and understand cancer.

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