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Karla Souza Stars in "An Evil Thirst"

Post-apocalyptic action thriller to debut April 7

Mexico City, Mexico (March 29, 2017) – Pereira & O’Dell, The Lift production studios and Los Perez today announced the release date for “An Evil Thirst,” a feature-length post-apocalyptic action thriller starring actress Karla Souza (
How To Get Away With Murder). The film will premiere in select cities Friday, April 7.



Dehydration the cause for epic cancellation

Mexico City, Mexico (April 7, 2017) – Pereira & O’Dell, The Lift Production Studio and Los Perez today announced that “An Evil Thirst,” the post-apocalyptic action thriller starring Karla Souza, will be postponed indefinitely. The movie was scheduled to premiere April 7th.  The cancellation was due to Souza who was unknowingly dehydrated and unable to deliver her line during the film’s most expensive scene involving jet fighters and pyrotechnics.   The red carpet premiere and press junkets have also been cancelled.  

“Karla appreciates all of the hard work done by the cast and crew, as well as the unwavering support of her fans.” said a Souza spokesperson. “As one of Mexico’s most in-demand actresses, Karla is looking forward to her many upcoming film and television projects with a renewed – some might even say ‘rehydrated’ – vigor and sense of purpose.”


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Agency: Pereira & O'Dell
Chief Creative Officer: PJ Pereira
Executive Creative Director: Rob Lambrechts
Creative Director: Estefanio Holtz
Art Director: DJ Murphy

Senior Copy Writer: Andre Bittar
Copywriter: Jonathan Carl
Senior Copywriter: 
Marcos Almirante
Chief Strategy Officer: Matt Herrmann 
VP Production: Jeff Ferro

Senior Film Producer: Anastacia Maggionacalda
Managing Director: Henry Arlander
Management Supervisor: Maura Mattoon
Account Executive: Rachel Majors

Associate Director, Project Manager: Lindsey Anderson 
Agency marketing, PR: Molly Parsley

Business Affairs Director: Russ Nadler 
Business Affairs Coordinator: Christina Hadly   

Production Company: THE LIFT
Director: Los Pérez
Starring: Karla Souza
Chairman: Avelino Rodríguez
Executive Producer: Rodrigo Mendoza
CCO: Jose Barrera
Producer: Magali Sagarra
Prod. Manager: Natalia Casanova
Production Coord: Patricia Zavala
1st AD:  Paco Llaca
2nd AD: Porro Toledo
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Production Design: Fer Guerrero
Stylist: Paola Alfaro
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Special Fxs: Alex Vazquez
Stunt: Pablo Vinós
Editor: Juan Fontana
Sound Mixer: Fernando Cámara
Grading: Adrián Pérez

Sound Desing and Music Score: Ivan Llopis & Banjo Music

Post Coordinator: Effects Films

Post House: La Huella


Photographer: Ana Hop
Executive Producer: Daniel Ochoterena  
Producer: Pedro Dominguez
Stylist: Martin Michealis

  • When you have a score to settle, keep your mind sharp by staying hydrated.

  • Behind the Scenes: Karla Souza on set of

    Behind the Scenes: Karla Souza on set of "An Evil Thirst"

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    Official Poster - "An Evil Thirst" presented by Ciel